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The Reno real estate market peaked in July 2005. In October 2007, two years after the Reno market crashed, foreclosures escalated rapidly. Though the foreclosure rate is slowing, we still see a constant stream of new foreclosures in Reno and in Sparks. RenoForeclosures.org keeps track of the latest developments to give you only current, active foreclosure listings.

Many sites offer Reno Foreclosure Listings. The problems with some of those other sites include:

  • Listing homes as active when they are already in contract
  • Demanding up-front fees in order to reveal the “secret” foreclosure list

RenoForeclosures.org never charges for a foreclosure list. We aim to give you an updated list of all available foreclosures in Reno-Sparks for FREE. We only show you homes that are active, available, and not in contract.

So how do we get paid?

Simple. The banks pay us when we sell their homes. We never charge you, the buyer. We charge the seller, which in foreclosure cases is the bank.

If you like a listing you find on this site, we hope you’ll call us. We’re Reno residents ourselves. Our knowledge of the market and experience puts us in the position to help you get the best deal available.

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