Reno Foreclosure Headlines

I wonder...when Reno's Foreclosure...

I wonder...when Reno's Foreclosure...

Evening folks! I wanted to browse through some of the newspaper headlines regarding Reno’s foreclosure market.  The big news is foreclosures are down but still tops country..something like that. Oh well, we’ve been seeing this trend for a few years now; usually Florida, California, Arizona and Nevada Battling it out at the top hardest hit states in the country.

(This article largely tackles Las Vegas, which is in worst shape than Reno)

“…Foreclosure activity is down 52 percent from a year ago.”


“More than 6 percent of Nevada housing units had at least one foreclosure filing in 2011, the nation’s highest rate, according to RealtyTrac.”

“Even with that drop though, Nevada is still leading the country in foreclosures for the 61st straight month.”


And for the Silver State’s Biggest (and juciest) News of the Week (kind of still related to foreclosures)….

“As the housing market exploded in Nevada in 2004, Thomas Seeno, of Alamo, bought half interest in Wingfield Nevada Group, a conglomeration of business enterprises developed by Whittemore valued then at more than $500 million, according to the suit.”