Wingfield Springs Foreclosures and Short Sales (Spanish Springs South)

Spanish Springs Foreclosures (South) Map of South Spanish Springs in Sparks

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South Spanish Springs foreclosures and short sales are mostly located near Red Hawk Club, Vista ( exit Vista/ Greg via Freeway 395) and Pyramid.  Those are the three landmarks that surround South end of Spanish Springs.

There are good deals to be made in this area, as rent is equal to or less than mortgage if you’re buying below $150,000.

You can hit this area via Pyramid Lake Rd. or from Vista Blvd.  Click here to see Sparks Pictures.

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NOTE: Due to limited foreclosures in the area, short sale listings will appear below.  But If you still don’t find any homes you like (or this page returns no results) you can contact me directly and I will make a custom search for you in one hour. Contact Information: 775-561-4000.


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